The Oyster case is redesigned, and the lugs and sides of the case reflect the elegant luster, making the outline of the Oyster case more prominent and adding charm. For models with a bezel in ceramic, the bezel is edged in the same material as the middle case. Another designer, Long, founder of Soft Mountains, designed a matching headgear. Finished with an signature on tongue and heel counter. A timeless icon yet one thats constantly evolving. At , we love taking our classics and reworking them all the time, always from a new angle. At , we love taking our classics and reworking them all the time, always from a new angle. Seeing this, we hope that you have given up the idea of "putting on a pair of hot styles and immediately looking as fashionable as anyone", fashion is not so simple. White leather and suede lace-up sneaker with a hotfix crystal-embellished Silhouette print. The sneaker features large flat laces and an oversized rubber sole. Dreaming of the Eighties. Our Ball Star sneakers have an American college vibe caught between a hoop shot and a skateboard ride. And Gabriela Hearst, through design this season, spared no effort to justify the name of Eileen Gray, an architectural and home designer in the early 1920s. This model, with a white leather upper, features a white suede star, a black suede heel tab and a dove-gray lizard-print leather flash. A collection that transports you into your most sincere and enveloping imagination, celebrating the beauty of life through simple yet irreplaceable instants Golden Goose Chaussures Soldes - a story lived and seen through a dreamers eyes. Dreaming of the Eighties. Since then, the concept of "preserving time" has been reflected in the details of clothing. Department, "We want to use this kind of material thing to keep time. Mrs. Harris is an ordinary woman living in London, England, a servant who cleans for various customers. This sand-colored leather jacket features leather used on both the grain and suede sides. Finished with an signature on tongue and heel counter. Since Kim Jones, artistic director of women's wear, has been working continuously with members of the brand family, he has formed an increasingly powerful creative golden triangle with Silvia Venturini and . However, in this season, he focused on , the youngest of the three, and regarded it as the best portrayal of women at the moment, "I still remember wearing a blue and brown suit on the first day of work , left a deep impression on me." He explained, "It all started with , and her interpretation of is elegant and unique, which fascinated me." Dressed in dark colors, she has a calm temperament beyond her peers, which can be seen from the curtain call of every big show in the past.